Guitar Fondant Cake

Fondant Guitar Cake

This was my first time to try fondant. Let me repeat…my first time to try fondant. And, yes, you can do it, too! I am not a professional baker. I wouldn’t even consider myself a good baker! So, dig in, have faith, and go for it!

I will try to be as detailed as possible as I go through this process, because I think what helped me was reading the comments (and there were hundreds) on the recipe for  Marshmallow Fondant,  and doing some research. I also watched a few YouTube videos on crumb coating a cake, etc. I promise you it is SOOO easy!

I’ve broken it down like this:

  • The Box Cake {I know, professional bakers and perfectionists just cringed!}, but what can I say? I had to take a shortcut somewhere and clearly it wasn’t in the appearance. And to be honest with you, I got many compliments on the taste. So, box cake it was. This is also where I breakdown the guitar template.
  • Crumb Coating is not for Sissies This is also where you will find the recipe for buttercream icing.
  • Fondant is your Friend Marshmallow Fondant recipe and some helpful tips found here!
  • Decorate that Baby!! At the end you are required to stand back, admire, snap photos, tell your friends, and comment on this blog to let me know how it turned out!!!

Here we go…..

 The Box Cake

Template of Neck of Guitar and Smash Cake of Fondant Guitar CakeBase of Guitar Fondant Cake {Template before Cutting}

Start with 3 yellow cake boxes and divide them between 2 11×13 cake pans. Bake according to package directions. Let cool.

Using a very sharp serrated knife, trim the cakes so they are flat on all sides.

Then I made a template on poster board from a Guitar Hero guitar. Lay your template on the cakes. Lay half of it on one cake and half of it on the other. Using a very sharp carving knife, carve out the guitar following along the template. Very easy!

{Once the icing and fondant are on, you will not be able to tell it was ever in two pieces. Did I mention I came up with this design all by my little self?? **It was soooo fun!**}

{Also, if at any time, you are feeling like it is falling apart, stop and put the cake in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes. It will help in the cutting,  the crumb coating, and icing process.}

Here is what the cake looks like after cutting and before crumb coating:Guitar Fondant Cake before Crumb Coating

Did you notice the smash cake I used with the leftover cake? Oh, yes, baby needs to eat cake! You didn’t think I was going to let my one year old smash that guitar cake all over himself, did you??? Move the cakes to a cardboard cake board verrrrrry carefully. I made my own cake board by cutting a large cardboard box and wrapping it in silver paper.

Crumb Coating is not for Sissies

I used this buttercream icing recipe. Super simple and yummy. Used all butter instead of 1/2 butter, 1/2 Crisco as the recipe states. I love my butter, what can I say???

1st Layer of Crumb Coating Guitar Fondant Cake and Smash Cake First layer of icing

There are several tutorials on crumb coating a cake on Youtube. The general idea is to chill the cake, ice it with your favorite icing, chill it, then ice it again. The first layer of icing going on pretty thin and not to worry about crumbs. Must chill for an hour!

2nd Layer of Crumb Coating on Guitar Fondant CakeSecond layer of icing

For the second layer you need a very smooth layer of icing. This is what is going under the fondant. {I think crumb coating the cake is a very necessary step. If the cake or icing is not smooth, the fondant will show all of those imperfections.} Then chill the cake again.

Fondant is your Friend

Now for the FONDANT!!! Do not be scared or intimidated. The bottom line is this is quick, easy, and sooo incredibly cheap to make. So, if you do happen to mess it up the first time, try and try again!!

The original marshmallow fondant recipe I found says to use butter. I am one for reading and listening to the users and the survey says: Use Crisco. Here is the recipe again: Easy Marshmallow Recipe. Melt the marshmallows, add the water a little at a time. I also used a Kitchen Aid and made sure I greased the spatula, the dough hook, inside of the bowl, and my hands before I started working with the fondant. Very helpful tip from the users. Another VERY useful tip is to use a generous amount of powdered sugar on your work surface and anytime you feel the fondant getting sticky. I found myself going back and forth with the crisco and powdered sugar as the consistency of the fondant would change. PLAY WITH THE FONDANT! No, I’m not kidding! Not only is it fun…it helps to get to know what you need to add before you roll it out. Does it need crisco or does it need powdered sugar?

Red, black, white, and charcoal fondant  IMG_8737

Fondant with black food coloring

At this time divide the fondant according to the colors you want to use. I needed a majority of the fondant red, some black, and a very little amount white. *Use gloves and know it will stain anything it touches.* I learned this the hard way. Knead in each food coloring that you are going to use. I only needed red and black. I also used very little black to mix with the white for a very pretty grey. I would also say to use a good brand of food coloring such as Wilton. What’s an extra few bucks when you are making such a beautiful cake and the rest is incredible cost efficient??? The colors could not have been more vibrant!! Yes!!

Roll out the dough. I started with the red for the base of the guitar. Make sure it is large enough to cover the base of the guitar. Also, be sure it’s not rolled out too thin because it will easily rip when placing it on the cake. Here’s another youtube video on laying on the fondant. I didn’t have a mat to use, so I carefully laid the fondant on my arm and used it to lay it down. The first attempt DID NOT WORK! Also, please note: If there is a tear or hole in the fondant once laid on the cake, don’t try to patch it. It will show.

IMG_8734-w640-h480 IMG_8735-w640-h480

Don’t panic! I removed the fondant, re-rolled it, and tried it again. Voila!

Fondant smoothed out with a Fondant ball on Guitar Cake

Another wonderful tip I learned was to take a small ball of the fondant and use it as a tool to rub the fondant to make it smooth. Genius! {Again, use confectioner’s sugar when it gets sticky} Take your carving knife and trim off the excess.

Next, I did the same with the black fondant and the neck of the guitar. This is such the fun part, especially knowing you are heading down the stretch!!

IMG_8737-w640-h480 IMG_8738-w640-h480

Decorate that Baby!!

Lastly, to finish off the cake, I took black fondant and rolled out guitar strings with my hands. Also used Hershey kisses for the hooks on the end for the guitar strap. The only thing that was not edible was the tuning knobs at the top. They were thin wire stuck in the cake. I just took those out before we cut the cake. And yes, we cut it!!!

One last little detail that somehow set off the whole cake, we had guitar picks made with my son’s picture on them at Personalization Mall. His name was on the back, and there he was on the front, sitting in a Bumbo banging on the drums. What a rock star!!

Birthday Boy on Guitar pic on Guitar Fondant Cake

This was such a blast to make! I hope you try it and let me know how it turns out.

Picture of Birthday Boy on a Guitar Pic on Fondant Strings Neck of Guitar Fondant Cake IMG_8751-w640-h480 Neck of Guitar and base


8 Responses to “Guitar Fondant Cake”

  1. Brenda says:

    Wow! I”m impressed! At first I didn’t even realize it was a cake! If there was some kind of contest you would win hands-down! Nice job!

    • Yvearl says:

      Hahaa! My friends said the same thing! They didn’t even know it was a cake sitting on my table! And thanks so much for the compliment and stopping by!

    • Yvearl says:

      Thank you, Kate! Did I link it correctly to your link party? It kinda disappeared when I was picking a thumbnail, but I didn’t want to post it twice. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Julie says:

    Boy, are you brave. Even with your encouragement, I don’t think I would try it. Good job though! New follower from the How to linkup.


  3. What a gorgeous cake. My 16yr old son would DIE if I made that for him!

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